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Good planting design is the key to a truly successful garden. A well-thought out plan giving colour and interest throughout the year can give years of pleasure – whereas just one tree in the wrong place can lead to years of misery and regret! Equally, given the infinite variety of plants available to gardeners these days coupled with the ever-increasing growing costs, it is essential that the design incorporates the correct numbers and sizes of plants to give the desired result within agreed financial considerations.

Which is why employing someone with the skill set and experience to cover all aspects of planting – from new woodlands, wetland and aquatic plantings, wildflower meadows, formal gardens through to traditional suburban layouts – is both a cost effective and guaranteed route to a beautiful garden.

Planting design is not simply about grouping the right coloured or textured plants together – it is a complex and detailed analysis of the soil, aspect and drainage available within each area of the garden. Each project needs a careful appraisal with the client with regard to their likes and dislikes, use of the area by family and pets (there are many poisonous plants to avoid!), requirements for screening, need for winter interest, incorporation of fruit and vegetables, need to attract wildlife and of course the all-important budget. The beguiling displays of planting within the Chelsea show gardens may all be aspirational but given the right conditions and a reasonably healthy budget they are all achievable within a domestic (or commercial) setting!

At Jonathan Wild Gardens we can provide advice and planting plans for any size or complexity of space – from revitalizing tired existing borders or to a fresh new design for completely new plots. We will work closely with you to produce a unique plan to suit your specific requirements – and provided you are able to send the correct levels of information (measurements and photographs mainly) we would be able to do this by post where travel would be prohibitive.

We would welcome any enquiries with regard to plants and planting – either call or send an enquiry via the contact sheet.

Please feel free to contact us.

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